Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shore It Up! International Coastal Cleanup 2012

Let's join hand together for a change!!! Helping our mother nature by joining the SUBIC SHORE IT UP!  International Coastal Clean-up  this coming September 15, 2012 with the help of the sponsors, media partners you too can be a part of this big  event  by registering on the contact number on the poster.  See you there!!! 

Activity : Shore It Up! International Coastal Cleanup 2012
Bay and Water Cleanup 

Date/Time: September 15 / Saturday/ 6:00am

Venues: - Lighthouse Marina Resort

- Subic Bay Boardwalk (PMAP)
- Seorabeol Hotel (Rotary Club of Downtown 
- Mabayuan (Rotary Club of Subic Bay)
- Kalaklan (JCI Olongapo)
- Subic Town (Rotary Club of Subic)
- IBA, Zambales ( Rotary Club of Iba)
- Masinloc (Rotary Club of Masinloc)

Bring: Volunteers may opt to bring their own - 

Cleaning materials (trash bags, rake, shovel, 
pail) Refreshments and snack. Pen and paper 
for data recording 
Reminders: Proper attire - comfortable beach clothes, 
hat, gloves Thick-soled shoes or sandals 
Sunscreen, insect repellent

More info here:

Here are some facts and we should be aware of the consequences by throwing trashes in the ocean, environment and deforestation causing global warming that could harm us here on our lovely earth!

1. More than 1,000,000 living organism of sea are killed every year, just because of plastic bags which are thrown into sea.
2. A Plastic Bag can take more than 500 years to decompose.
3. An Average family throws out plastic bag which weights more than 40kg, every year.
4. 84% of all Household trash can be recycled
5. Cigarette takes a year to 12 years for decomposition.
6. About 90% of the contents of our bins could be reused or recycled. You can reduce the use of some items, can reuse some of them like paper and cardboard and take some of them (cans, plastic, bottles etc) to recycle bin. We can make money with these ( "may pera sa basura") .

So next time you threw those trash think if it can be recycled, segregated and reuse. 

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