Thursday, September 13, 2012

Il Terrazzo

MANILA, Philippines – These days thoughts and tweets are almost one and the same. We just can’t help but share what we’re thinking to the world. It’s like our minds have gone digital and invaded the social networking scene. And with the rising popularity of Foursquare and other location-tracking apps, your location is just as accessible as your tweets. Today, broadcasting one’s whereabouts has just been more than just a habit, but a social statement.

With that in mind, where you are matters! Where you dine. Where you shop. Where you unwind. Let everyone know where you are. Let them know that you’re @Il Terrazzo!


At the heart of Tomas Morato, Il Terrazzo is the home to a variety of restaurants, fitness & beauty centers, supermarket, specialty shops, and an events place. Indeed, it is the only complete lifestyle hub that merges the recreational mall atmosphere with the bustling nightlife entertainment scene unique to Tomas Morato. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Il Terrazzo has it covered.

Craving for sushi? Dine at Omakase @Il Terrazzo.

Perhaps something for your sweet tooth? Indulge at Gong Cha or Banapple @Il Terrazzo.

Yearning for some meditation? Exercise your mind and body at Beyond Yoga @Il Terrazzo.

Call for a beauty makeover? Pamper yourself at Sexy Solutions or The Lash Bar @Il Terrazzo.

Need your techie fix? Splurge at the Digital Hub or Technovox @Il Terrazzo.

Thirsty for your favorite cocktail or beer? Unwind at Jack’s Loft @Il Terrazzo.

Does your pantry need restocking? Shop groceries at Rustan’s Supermarket @Il Terrazzo.

In need of an events place? Book The Ariato Function Center @Il Terrazzo.

Needless to say, Il Terrazzo is indeed the hippest cosmopolitan center for all your lifestyle impulses. So, when someone asks where you at?

Check in @Il Terrazzo!

Il Terrazzo is located at 305 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout MadriƱan St., Quezon City, Philippines. For inquiries, call (02) 374 8378.

31 – Blogger’s Fair & Blogging Seminar (Fashion Fair)
Sept 1– Blogger’s Fair & Blogging Seminar (Food Fair)

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List Of Tenants

Lower Ground:
·         Rustan’s Supermarket – 332-1426
·         Inkman – 482-9616
·         Technovox (similar to CDR King) – 341-9815
·         Sun Shop
·         Print Orange (printing) – 332-4315
·         All About Jewelry
·         Cebuana Lhuillier – 332-2662
·         Caran Bags – 298-5602
·         Lash Bar
·         Denstein (Dental) – 352-4944

Upper Ground:
·         Omakase (Japanese) – 332-4115
·         Invicta (Watch store) – 351-2200
·         OMF Lit (Religious Bookstore) – 355-0519
·         FotoHub (Camera Shop) – 332-2299
·         Digital Hub (Apple Products) – 332-3644
·         Jack’s Loft and My Thai – 332-1894

·         Hungry Cow (Cake Shakes)
·         Paradis (Natural Ice Cream)
·         Tea.ology (Milk Tea)
·         Wang FU (Chinese-Singaporean)
·         Yoogane (Korean) – Around August

Second Floor:
·         Gong Cha – 376-9163
·         Banapple – 413-2675
·         Archipelago 7107 (Filipino) – 921-7633
·         The Works (Grilled Pizza)
·         Bonchon – 921-1092
Soon to Open:
·         Cravings – Around August
·         Komrad – Around August

Third Floor:
·         Sexy Solutions (Non-surgical sliming) – 804-1281
·         Kryolan (German Brand Make-up) – 332-4211
·         Beijing Foot Spa – 921-2156
·         La Estetica (Dermatological Clinic) – 332-8604
·         Beyond Yoga (Yoga and only licensed Anti-Gravity Studio in the Philippines) – 921-6070

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