Friday, September 7, 2012

Highly addictive: Gangnam Style

 You may have heard this or even dance with it too!!! Viral today on youtube, Facebook, social media, and  twitter world  that it has been viewed a thousand times, artist from local and international can relate and was influenced to do a parody of this dance step.

What exactly is a Gangnam Style?

"Gangnam Style" is a 2012 K-pop single by the South Korean rapper PSY. "Gangnam Style" is widely praised for its humor, catchy rhythm as well as Psy's unusual dance moves that have introduced many people to K-pop. First released on July 15, 2012, it entered the Gaon Chart singles chart at number one upon release, and it has the most views as a K-pop song on YouTube.[1]
 -- According to

BY: EzykronHD

The Horse Dance
"The mass appeal of the music video has been attributed to its signature dance move known as “the horse-riding dance,” which combines the stylistic elements of shuffle dancing and hand movements resembling the posture of a horseback rider. During its onset, speculations arose in the Korean internet communities that the dance may have been pioneered a year earlier by a Korean pop group Girls’ Day in their 2011 debut single Tilting Head. However, PSY later revealed in interviews that he came up with the dance during a talent contest at a post-concert event in August 2011".-

For sure this will be so known that it will  be a dance craze especially here in the Philippines, this will be seen on parties, aerobics, schools, and many more. we'll be waiting for their versions. :)

Found this on facebook a mash-up for sure that will give you LSS and dance. 

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