Saturday, August 25, 2012

Male Restroom Etiquette

          Using public restrooms for male can get you to a very dangerous situation. Unlike women this is not that so much issue because they go by pairs and groups and a long queue. A follow this rules I find on youtube for a long time now and blogging it as my responsibility to help others. Always remember that you use the restroom for comfort so take care follow some tips to avoid you from troubles.

Here are some rules:
1. Avoid eye contact while washing hands, while leaving the restroom, at the urinals.
2. When using urinals go as far as you could, leave a minimum one urinal between you to avoid standing next to anyone.   
3. If all the urinals are full that's the time you could use the toilet, if the toilet is not flush, don't ever flush it, slowly walk away and find another clean toilet.
4. If you find somebody whom you know, a simple Hi! is fine and never ever talk much longer on the restroom, you never know if somebody there is listening.

To help you further you can find the video below:

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