Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Visit at Casa San Miguel

Casa San Miguel is located at San Antonio Zambales, "Casa San Miguel is set amid a mango orchard in a town nestled between the mountains and the sea. The orchard was established in 1921 by Ramon L. Corpus and served as his family retreat-by-the-sea. It was the frequent site of many family picnics and musical gatherings. In 1993, his grandson, Coke Bolipata, designed an Art Center to replace the old house that burned."

"Casa San Miguel was built on the belief that art, in its various forms, can extend beyond its boundaries to create a more aware and fuller human being for an enriched humanity. It further believes in an internal transformation to bring about communal, national, and global change with culture as the means to this end. The center is committed to the continued development and support of the Filipino artist, and to the development of new artists and audiences for the next generation."

Also had a privilege to visit the house of a Great and good artist, Kuya Emong Borlongan and Ms. Plet Bolipata. Their house itself is an art, every corner is a gallery of overflowing craftsmanship and artistry. 

Ms. Plet Bolipata's painting and her imageNation art

Kuya Emong and his paintings

 Walk-in visitors can avail of a tour of the premises, feast their eyes on daily offerings at the Anita Gallery, and enjoy light snacks, gift items & souvenirs at the Backstage Cafe, I really like their bread.. yum!!


                         Dave Eggar with DE ORO, Sir Coke Bolipata 

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